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Entry #2


2008-11-29 14:53:11 by dagothpimplord1

im finaly got some free time to work on making music again,dont worry im not putting anything new up on her till i think its really good:P im just glad i can work on it again


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2009-02-15 17:26:47

""um yea"
by: dagothpimplord1
date: February 14, 2009

get the dick out of ur ass the real god doesnt like gays that much if u havent noticed and u should be glad he didnt rip off ur dick cause u call urself god"

You're aware that Emily is a girls name, no?

(Updated ) dagothpimplord1 responds:

thou message inducing thy lords hate of gay alludes me? would thy kind sir please shed light on this dilemma?